Venwood & Baker
Flux Measurement in Tesla

Flux in steel casing has an advantage above the cast iron casing.

Instruments used for the flux measurement

  1. 410 Gauss meter - SN: Bm99430201218 Probe - SN: T5985 Cal No:815
  2. Top Tronic TBM 811 Digital Multimeter - SN: 101012215
  3. Major Tech Clamp Meter - SN: 140803036
  4. Major Tech FLIR i5 infra red camera - SN: 70021480


75D Loco motor with steel casing
DC A - 135.4 ADC DC V - 3.187 VDC Amb Temp - 21.3°C


75D Loco motor with cast iron casing
DC A - 135.6 ADC DC V - 3.174 VDC Amb Temp - 21.4°C

  • Flux measurement were obtained to determine whether steel or cast iron casings are more efficiant when it comes to 75D Loco motors.
  • The flux were measured between the armature and pole shoe.
  • Both casings had a 2mm air cap.
  • The same armature and field coil set was used in both casings (steel and cast iron) at an ambient temerature of 21.4°C. The voltage and current readings were similar.
  • Several reading were recorded and the averages calculated.
  • It is clear that a stronger magnetic flux are present when steel is used to manufacture these loco casings.
  • At Venwood & Baker Electrical, 75D Loco motor casings are being manufactured by using steel and the tests that was done was to prove our quality and trust we have in our product.